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Rep. Young – plus….FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMOREThe newsletter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Two stories about the times we live in.


I remember back in the 80’s when Jesse Jackson was screaming MERGER MANIA, about the only time I ever agreed with him. I understand that in a free marketplace such as what the US has, that this is part of the nature of doing business. And I am not one to wage class-warfare or scream that corporations are evil but really there needs to be a balance, something needs to be done.

Here is a classic example of a big fish gobbling up a bunch of minnows.

The jewelry store.

My friend Jeff and I were in N. Olmsted and stopped at the Great Northern Mall. While there we went to a well-known jewelry store. We looked at rings and the saleslady gave us the pitch why to buy from them. She said “I will give you a little bit of inside news… the other jewelry stores in the mall, all except one, belong to the same company but we have the best selection and prices.” Huh? Yes they all belong to the same company but we can give you the best price so it’s best to shop from us.

Maybe some of you knew this already but it took me by surprised. The popular jewelry stores that we hear the jingles on radio and see on TV all belong to the same corporation. Where is the choice for the consumer? Plus this not only hurts the consumer but job market with fewer opportunities but the overall economy as well. Instead of 4 different jewelry stores in this mall there are actually only 2. And instead of 4 owners, 4 different suppliers, 4 different cleaning service, 4 different accountants etc… there are now only 2 of each and I am sure the corporate jewelry store probably pays its employees far less.

These mergers and buyouts are only short-term gains good for the stock market but over all for America it’s a losing proposition. Somehow merger mania and the buyouts have to stop.

The below story is about outsourcing jobs and inflation


The Radiator Shop.

I went to a well-known radiator repair shop in Wickliffe. I didn’t get permission to use the owners name so I won’t mention it. This shop has been in business years and to me it’s the only game in town for quality service and repair work. I have taken all my radiators to him for years.

I asked how much to flush out the radiator in my GoGo Bus, he gave me the price and asked how’s things? I was in a hurry but I could see he wanted to talk. So I leaned against the counter and he grabbed a chair in the waiting area. I’m really glad I decided to kick back for a few and listen.

He told me how hard hit his business and how the costs to operate it are sky rocketing.  Tin is up 185%, one pound of lead solder use to be about $3 but now it’s over $9 and copper and brass, all he said was ITS UNBELIEVABLE!  All of these prices have jumped within a short amount of time.

We talked briefly how the program Cash for Clunkers hurt many businesses.  Besides repair shops, such as mechanical and body repair it has hurt the used car salesman.

We swapped stories how hard things are.  His radiator repair business is in even a tougher spot.  Most radiators are now made of plastic and it’s cheaper to buy a new one than it is to repair. It all stems from greed.

He told me back in about 1990 a major supplier located in Pittsburgh was looking for a cheaper source for radiators.  Back then a radiator for the K cars was $119.00.  This company found a Chinese supplier for radiators.  The owner of the repair shop asked me do you know how much that radiator cost and this included delivery to his door?  I replied maybe $60?  He said NOPE – 9 BUCKS!  If that wasn’t bad enough then came NAFTA and that was thee end.  We just cannot compete with cheap foreign labor.

Friends who is to blame for all of this?  EVERYONE!  Politicians for selling us out with horrific laws and policies, Unions for demanding too much and yes YOU the consumer for buying foreign cars and flocking to every sale and Wal-Mart there is just to save 50 cents without adding in the actually cost of the job it took.  Sad but true.

Carey Masci

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The Mighty Niagara – FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMOREThe news letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

I like to write about something that we never had time to discuss on air – Niagara Falls.

 I’m sorry for the somewhat gloomy report but I write things as I see them.  In this case Niagara Falls.  Writing upbeat was made even harder because I remember how things use to be.  So that’s my disclaimer.

I had the opportunity over the weekend to go to Niagara Falls.  My friend Gary called and said I am leaving in the morning for the falls want to go?  Because of the new laws needing a passport we planned to only view the falls from the American side.  I was actually looking forward to it though as I never bothered to stay on the American side I always crossed over into Canada not only for entertainment but also to visit my aunt and uncle who lived there.  The bridge we would take into Canada was the Rainbow Bridge, which connects both Niagara’s, US & Canada.

So what can be so gloomy going to Niagara Falls, US?  Nothing if you sole purpose is to enjoy one of the Seven Wonders of the World but I am not sure if I would recommend it for anything else.  I remember as a kid driving through Niagara Falls, NY and it was was always a little seedy, blue collar but once you crossed into Canada everything changed into a wonderland.  Still, I was not prepared for what I saw on the US side.

The few streets around the falls have little shops and some eateries but the main attraction is the falls.  The parks and trails to see the US falls are well maintained and clean, terrific.  On the Canadian side though the falls compete with all kinds of entertainment.

Parking around the falls in most lots is $10.00.  We chose to park in an empty lot and walk a short distance to save the fee.

On the way back from an afternoon of enjoying God’s beauty we got somewhat lost in finding our car.  That’s when we noticed our surroundings.  It was a beautiful sunny Saturday about 7:30 in the evening and as we got further away from the falls it got quieter and quieter.  Then we started noticing empty lots, run down building and house after empty house after empty house broken up by a house with someone living in it.

On the one street we cut down there must have been 15 vacant houses with only 3 with cars in the drive.  Beautiful old houses boarded up, factories empty, sidewalks with weeds growing up through the cracks.  It was Twilight Zone-ish.

When I got home I did some research and this is what I found:

Niagara Falls poverty rate is at 26.3%; the state of NY is at 14.2%

50% population drop since the 70’s when the industries started shutting their doors

In 2004 in hopes of reviving the city the Seneca Casino opened which has proved NO benefit to the city

It was actually disturbing to see the casino.  A big illuminated monolith against a backdrop of a decaying city and the worse part, they built it almost right up against a beautiful old church that was erected in 1813 called St. Mary of the Cataract.  You have to see this to believe it.  I was deeply saddened.  Here was Gods place a magnificent structure built years ago when church’s were the main foundation of any city and next to it is modern mans shrine which to me says I will build one bigger and better but for my pleasure.  And yet it has done the city no good – ZERO.   I think this says a lot.

Lastly I need to point one more thing out, the amount of Indian restaurants, India not native American.  At first I thought it was novel to see an Indian restaurant but then it was disturbing because that’s all we were finding.  We could not find an American place to eat at.  What is so disturbing about this?  Our Christian God is being removed and in its place foreign gods and religions are taking hold and along with it America’s greatness is slowly slipping away leaving a decaying carcass.

What is even sadder is its just not Niagara Falls, NY, how many other cities across America are in this condition?  I know lets build more casinos that should help.

Carey Masci


Hi Friends,

And I would like to continue with something we talked about on air, the Occupy Movement…

I told you how the Occupy Movement is actually being funded.  This funding is the HUGE difference between the Occupiers and the Tea Party’s. This difference is also apparent between the Democratic and Republican Party.

The Tea Party’s as well as the Republican Party has volunteers and to the best of my knowledge none or very very few are paid.  We have a volunteer army.

When you are fighting for the truth, believe in what you are doing, and trying to save our Christian heritage and nation money is secondary, it is not needed to get patriots involved.  But when you pay people they think about nothing other than themselves, as long as they get paid who cares about the cause or nation, it’s all about the money.

To the Occupiers this is a welfare nation, to the Tea Party’s it’s for the welfare of the nation.  That’s the difference.

Your Friend,

Bob Murphy

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Tea Party & Philippines FURTHERMORE – America News and Views

FURTHERMOREThe new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Well I am back at the newsletter and yes I am still talking about the trip to the Philippines, what a trip. More than one person told me I should visit a foreign country too get a different perspective on things. And boy did I. I will get back to the Philippines but first….

I wrote in a few newsletters ago asking where is the Tea Party I was becoming impatient for positive changes to come about. But since that rallying cry it appears the Tea Party is in fact active and changing elections in the right direction.
Just two high profile examples are – Governor Scott Walker able to withstand the recall was fueled in part by the Tea Party and Senator Orin Hatch is facing a run off against a Tea Party candidate Dan Liljenquist. These are just two out of many all across this nation and its just not candidates its issues also.
It is sad though with all this energy that the Tea Party was not able to settle on one candidate for the Republican nomination and because of that it has left us with a nominee not many are happy with. But it was more than just the Tea Party not being able to decide on a candidate it also shows something else. It shows how rooted the GOP establishment is in getting elected the man they want for president. It’s far easier to rally around local issues and candidates but the prize at the top is at a whole other level.
If we expect anytime soon to see a Tea Party presidential candidate its going to take all this energy and effort we currently have times ten because the establishment is not ready to relinquish the top spot.
This weeks question comes from Nancy in Euclid.   She asks what were the things in the Philippines you liked 100 times more than at home?

In some ways the Philippines especially the area I was in reminds me of how America was 75 plus years ago, a wild frontier of sorts. Though I was restricted in walking around alone because of the Muslim threat and kidnappers who hold foreigners and those well off for ransom I experienced a sense of freedom here that has slowly been disappearing in America.

I was told there are police who will ticket you for traffic violations but I saw none and find it hard to believe they actually would. In America we are constantly reminded click it or ticket – you will be stopped if you cars muffler is too loud – you will be pulled over if the cops think your cars has tinted windows are to dark or impedes your vision – you will be ticketed for speeding, rolling stop and on and on it goes.

In the Philippines you need to go somewhere you go. 5 in a car, 10 in a car as long as it rolls just go. Little to no stop signs or stoplights, hardly any speed limit signs and yet how many fender benders or accidents did I witness? Just one when a young man fell of his motorcycle.

But the freedoms don’t only pertain to the auto. Want to start a fire in your yard? Do it, its actually encouraged to fight the mosquito problem. Can you do that in your city in the US?

Looking for a place to eat?  Food stands are all over.  They tell me they get permits to sell maybe they do but would any city you know of in America allow you to cook in your kitchen and then go out in the front yard and sell your baked or cooked goodies? I ate at places that looked like garages and yet I never got sick, so much for needing a fridge.  And a micro, why would you need one? These people know how to cook. Everyday we ate fresh food from the stands or market. In the morning for breakfast Ruth went to the corner and brought me fresh baked bread that was still hot. I am not one to bash corporations as there is a role for them but they have killed the small corner store and market. We are almost left exclusively with packaged foods with all kinds of chemicals to preserve and make them look prettier.

What about the fashion? Well for a third world country the way they dress puts us to shame, women for the most part look like women, skirts, dresses, they had style.  Even at the small variety stores they wear a uniform and are neatly groomed, restaurants same thing. And the way the treat you is first class.

Signs of God are all over. Hotels have bibles and one I stayed at had crosses above the door. Many of the trikes and Jeepneys had sayings about Jesus or Bible verses.

But the one thing that stuck out the most and it wasn’t just because I was their guest. Someone I met on the plane from Sweden who moved to the Philippines also noticed this. They have meals around the table with the family. No TV, real meals and the family sits.

These are just some of the reasons I enjoyed the Philippines so much.
Carey Masci


Hi Friends,
Everything Carey states about America losing her prestige and freedom stems from what? Liberalism, plain and simple liberalism.

Government does have a role but when it steps out of that role and starts dictating or micro managing your life it breeds apathy and people tend to want to give up. Couple that with the removal of God and when a person is down he doesn’t look up he looks to the government for handouts and the cycle deepens while ensnaring more and more.

Wise up people look up and to your inner being, never look to the government for help it will only make you dependent with no hope or outlet.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy


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brokered convention? FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views May 3

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

I have so much to write about hope I can squeeze it all in without writing a book.

*Let’s start with what everyone keeps telling me concerning my reluctance to accept Romney as the nominee.

They say, Carey you are still in primary mode. Yes I am. Has Romney gained enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination yet? No he hasn’t so why shouldn’t I still be in primary mode? California, Texas and 12 other states still need to vote. With all the media sites available and different ways to communicate via the computer why are we giving up? Just suppose Mitt falls a few delegates short we could see a brokered convention where the Conservative and Tea Party groups could have a real say in this. They have forced a candidate on us that is not a darling of many.

It’s going to get very interesting. Gary Johnson wins the Libertarian nomination for president. OH OH. Gary Johnson the former Republican Governor of New Mexico did participate in the early Republican debates this past year but in later ones was not invited or not allowed to attend. Even though Johnson may not have what we call true mainstream Republican ideology he should have been allowed because neither does Romney. The GOP should have forced the issue and let Gary stay in the debates and let the people decide and if he failed he failed on his own. Instead because of this Johnson bailed and joined the Libertarian movement. This could come back to haunt the GOP.

Johnson is fairly well known, the anti-Mitt sentiment is running high and America is tired of politics as usual with people constantly saying both parties are the same. Could Gary Johnson be the third party candidate to upset the apple cart? America may not let this opportunity slip by. Fresh in a lot of people’s minds is Ross Perot whining about the sucking sound of jobs leaving this country because of NAFTA. Where we would be now if we heeded that man’s warning? I am definitely not a Libertarian but Johnson was a Republican governor.

But wait its getting even more interesting with the recent string of delegates from Maine, Nevada and Iowa 66 in total jumped ship and are now going to Ron Paul. If this continues…. the brokered convention happens.

OK but wait another what if scenario. Suppose Ron Paul does pull off the upset over Mitt what will Gary Johnson do? Will he congratulate Paul and pull out? Or does he stay in and run? We could see a Republican/Libertarian and a Libertarian/Republican battling for some of the same voting block, wow!

One thing is clear, Mitt snuck in because of so many Conservatives and Libertarians running. They battled each other while Mitt ran his mega dollars ads and duped the uninformed. So the Conservative, Libertarian and Tea Party movement are actually alive and well and YES I lump them all together but that explanation is for another time.

Next newsletter I will answer the other question I have been asked and the warnings about leaning Libertarian. Stay tuned. I like this, keep the questions coming.

Carey Masci



In a way I would love to see the GOP primary end so we can concentrate on the real problem – Obama and his communist conquest of wanting to take over America.

But on the other hand it is exciting to watch democracy in action. The people have woken up and are taking part in the process. So, just remember this friends once we have chosen the Republican nominee who ever it is, we need to shake hands with each other and concentrate on removing Obama. That’s our number one goal.

Your Friend,

Bob Murphy

Jimmy Kelly the future of the Republican Party was our guest on May 3.

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Who is the Tea Party FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views April 26

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

I received some feedback about my statement in the last newsletter of where are the Tea Parties? One said YOU are the Tea Party. Yes I am and so are you but I am talking about all of us collectively and working together.

For instance what happened in Pa.. Santorum drops out, the pool of conservative, constitution leaning candidates is really down to one – Ron Paul. So who wins? Mitt. Where was the Tea Party?

Another example this goes back a few months but since I am on this topic of where are the Tea Parties. When I was raising awareness of mandatory house inspections and street light fees that were coming out of Euclid people paid little attention to it. Comments ranged from who is Carey, he is always talking about Euclid, and too I am glad I don’t live in that city. This was MONTHS ago and what do we see today, house inspections in Mentor and street light fees coming to Akron. We need to unite and fight these things the minute someone raises awareness.

This reminds me of an Internet site I belong to, the A100 Van club. My 69 GoGo Bus is a Dodge A100, just some additional FYI. I tried telling these people back in 2002 and 3 when I joined that they need to get active and start supporting candidates who are favorable to our hobby. I was told by more than one HEY NO POLITICS THIS IS A FUN SITE FOR OUR VANS ONLY? They didn’t want to heed my warnings.

Well well well…. Slowly but surely it has happened, first the rise in gas prices, the cash for clunkers and the continual onslaught from the EPA. Now I read postings on the site such as this:

Mark & his dad are hanging up their hats. Due to EPA crap, the economy, and
just getting older, they have decided to close shop.
They are going to auction off parts and vehicles based on body style. Right
now they are moving R, M, B, and F-body along with four-wheel drive stuff.
C-body stuff is next followed by A-body. They have one 1968 A100 panel and some parts, but not a lot.

The only problem is not many are knocking down the door to grab these old parts and cars; we are all in the same boat and a boat that has sprung holes.

The EPA has run amok.

I stopped at my favorite burger joint on N. Ridge Rd. in Perry, Ohio the other day. They have been in business for 22 years. When ever I am in the area that’s where I eat.

I go to use the restroom and its locked. I asked if I can use is and the owner said she wasn’t allowed because of some EPA law that had to do with her stand being only a take out with no seats and the water supply. HUH!!??? She said I am sorry but I could be fined heavily.

Jumping back to Santorum.. Maybe in another newsletter I should write more about him. But quickly… since he has dropped out I am all in for Ron Paul. The media and the GOP have proclaimed its over but until Mitt grabs the amount he needs to win the nomination I won’t give in.

Show your support to Paul please. He can beat Obama, the only candidate left who can.

Carey Masci



We must not get complacent with how things are in America. It doesn’t take long for the standard of living in a country to fall. A steady downturn of 10 years is all it takes and we are approaching that. The older generations who have been through good and bad times must instill in the youth the power of dreams and hope.

Dreams and hope are what made this country great but not the kind of hope from Obama who will supply all our needs and chases away our dreams.

Our dreams and hope come from God which strengthens our inner being to strive for goals not only to improve ourselves but also our fellow man.

Your Friend,

Bob Murphy

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April 12 & 19th show FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Friends I am just so disheartened by what I am seeing going on with our country. How many Tea Parties have organized, how many other events put on to educate about the erosion of our freedoms, how many emails, blogs, news shows, radio shows, magazines and all the other forms of media and yet where are we? Still in the same place, or maybe even a worse place. What is the sense of all of this if we don’t put into play what we have learned? Our supposed Republican candidate for president has been pre-chosen, Agenda 21 is proceeding and Obama Care may be here to stay. How have we allowed this? Where are the Tea Parties?

Last newsletter I included comments from various people I met. I want to do that again but this time I will follow it up with a brief comment. All of these statements are from people I know.

Dave owns a restaurant. He said until people unify and stand up to the government NOTHING will change. Everyone needs to stop paying taxes and bring government to their senses. Until then no president or anyone can change what is going on.

I cannot agree more. YOU are as much of the blame for government taking away your rights as government is. You follow their rules they will keep making them. And until everyone says enough it will continue.

Michelle who runs a small business made this observation. She wants to know what is the Republican Party thinking and what is wrong with the people for voting for Mitt? Mitt couldn’t beat McCain and McCain lost to Obama but now we vote for Mitt the second place finisher in ’08 and think he can now beat Obama. If someone loses in an election they shouldn’t be able to run again.

My comment: In the past we have had candidates that lost, run again and won. The 2 that come to mind are Nixon who lost in 1960 only to run again in ’68 and win. In 1976 Reagan lost to President Ford but won in 1980. But those two examples are far different than with Mitt. With Nixon almost a decade had passed and he faced a different opponent. With Reagan he was facing an incumbent Republican president in ’76 and in ’80 when he won he faced a sitting president that was failing miserably plus Reagan had built on his base from ’76, he had charisma, was a unifier, and Republicans as well as Democrats supported him.

Mitt has none of this going for him, zero! So yes what are the people and the GOP thinking?

A pastor who is a good friend of mine said this after Santorum dropped out when I asked if she would support Paul. Yes, there are only two candidates that I cannot and will not support, Obama and Romney.
That’s what I keep telling everyone, Romney won’t beat Obama, the Christian Conservative base will sit.

I will conclude with this. It seems as if America is trying hard to push God out of our government and it’s coming from both sides, the D’s and the R’s. I understand what the Constitution says but it’s meaning has been completely spun to rid God from our laws and nation to usher in man’s rule.

Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or restricting the free exercise thereof… God and Christianity is not a religion.


*When you no longer govern by religion you govern by man
When you govern by man with no religion you get communism

That’s where we are at now; we have a choice to be governed by man or God’s laws. We can see what is happening to our nation. I am not judging but witnessing the arrogance of Obama’s ungodly leadership where he trumps all. And we can see what happens when a person has a false religion because he waffles back and forth as Mitt has.

This nation needs to return to its true religious roots or we will never stabilize.
Carey Masci

*OK I know what you are thinking but I use religion in a broad sense not just one particular religion, and religion can be substituted for God and or Christian.

Carey Masci
We do have our work cut out for us. Our presumptive Republican nominee for president Romney is not a favorite of many within the party but our sights should be set on defeating Obama.

And the Democrats they will be trying to ride the slight up tick in the economy to victory in November. Lets not forget when did our economic woes really take hold? In 2006 when the Democrats won big. And when did things start to stabilize? In 2010 when the Republicans were voted back in in large numbers.

We need to educate people on these facts.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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April 6 FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

George Zimmerman

Keep an eye on the George Zimmerman case. This could have huge consequences for law enforcement, security, block watch volunteers really anyone who carries a gun. The Leftist Democrats have been waiting to pounce on a tragedy such as this.

They can’t take your guns away with out a crisis well they have one and stirred up the masses to support it. If Zimmerman is tried and convicted it will set a precedent to stiffen gun laws and make it almost impossible to defend yourself. It will also embolden criminals or anyone up to mischief.

The Mitt Polka

I don’t want Mitt you can have him – He’s to fake for me – HEY – He’s to fake for me – Hey!   Sorry I had to throw that in.

Has anything really changed

Growing up I wondered what does the bible have to do with modern times, what could we possibly learn from people who lived thousands of years ago? But as I got older I realized that man is basically the same and it doesn’t matter what year you were born we all have the same emotions and passions and sins, nothing is new.

Same problems a thousand years ago, same problems 500 years ago, same problems when this country was being founded and the same problems today, man is man and it seems as if we never learn and always repeat our mistakes.

Read this: An old party may have no principles differing from the opposing party, and may said to be “looking for an issue.” “A party may hold together long after it’s moral life is extinct…. Parties go on contending because their members have formed habits of joint action, and have contracted hatreds and prejudices, and also because the leaders find advantage in using these habits and playing on these prejudices… The mill has been constructed and its machinery goes on turning even when there is not grist to grind.”

So when do you think this was written?

Recently?  Nope, it was written way back in 1922 by Ray P. Orman.

Do you see the connection? Isn’t that where we are today with the two major political parties? Has anything changed? Sure it did for a while but looking where we are at now are the parties really any different? Of course I wouldn’t include groups that spawned off from the major parties like the TEA Party but the establishment on both sides is eerily similar.

There is something else that caught my attention in what Orman wrote “looking for an issue.” And that’s why Mitt Romney flip-flops and flounders so much; he is looking for an issue. When you put him next to Obama so many things blur that you wonder if there is a difference? Health Care – nope, abortion – nope, gay rights – nope, religion – nope, environment – nope, so where are they different? That’s why Mitt flip-flops he is looking for an issue, what is Mitt’s issue?

Then you have Santorum who has been fighting to get his message out and people are still supporting him. Why? He has an issue, he knows his issue, he has battled his issue, he hasn’t wavered on his issue and that issue would be social issues. That’s why has hasn’t flip flopped he knows who he is and what he stands for, he doesn’t have to go looking for an issue and people respect this.

Staying with this same topic lets flash back to the ’08 GOP New Hampshire debate

McCain was complaining about the countless attack ads from Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney talking to Mike Huckabee … don’t try to characterize my position on the war… Huckabee – Which one?

Has anything changed? Not really just the date and some of the names.

Carey Masci



What has me worried about this Trayvon/Zimerman story is the frenzy of the media because it is dividing this nation further.  Every time something tragic happens there is the media building up the story and both political parties taking sides without knowing the full story.  America had lynch mob mentality years ago and justice was never served correctly are we heading back to those days?  I pray not.

Your friend,

Bob Murphy

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