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America News and Views news letter – August 25Th

December 29, 2011

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy along with Carey Masci and special guest Rusty Bliss running for US Senate were in the studio on August 25TH. Dale Fellows just returning from his trip to Canada arrived after the show.

Bob had to leave early during the last half and left Carey and Rusty to close out the remaining minutes.


Bob Murphy started things off with humorous headlines about last Tuesdays earthquake. One of the greatest gifts we have from our creator is the ability to laugh even through trying times. It cleanses the soul. Humor is very important in many ways and when done right can highlight shortcomings or wrongs to make a point, especially when it concerns politics.

From there they moved on to one of Carey’s biggest concerns, mandatory house inspections.

I received an email after the show that said

Carey instead of harping about mandatory inside house inspections why don’t you talk about other important topics.

I replied with this statement:

I take offense to the term harping it makes me wonder if you truly understand what is at stake. I will continue this fight until it is repealed. A mans house is his castle, whether he rents or owns. This is in clear violation of the Constitution. There are not many things in life a person can call his own, two of them are where a person resides and the right to privacy. Please concentrate on this… IF the government on any level can demand entry into ones residence then they can demand anything.

Repeating over and over again about house inspections is no different than Bob constantly bringing up about Obama’s ineligibility to be president. Has either one of these issues been resolved? Nope. Then we should continue on talking about them until they are as well as any other serious issue that puts America and our freedom in jeopardy.

Furthermore… Whether I am partially responsible for this I don’t know but Euclid is now allowing family members to stay in your house without government interference. One of the problems I had with the city was the warrant they issued to me for having my nephew in my rental. This was back in 2009 and at that time the city said I don’t care if its your dad staying in your rental, you did not register it with us. So it appears we are making inroads.

The last ten minutes or so was getting to know Rusty Bliss who is running for US Senate. Rusty said that he is very concerned about his childrens future and America, I had to get involved.

Rusty Bliss writes: It’s always great to visit with Bob on the air because we have a wonderful forum that isn’t held to political correctness and you can tell it like it is. I feel that as a public servant I need to first LISTEN to their constituency, take those concerns and temper them with my own experience and ideas to forge viable legislation that works FOR “The People” and not as a one-way mandate.

I have been a part of the Ohio workforce my entire working life. We need a common sense approach
in D.C. that we don’t see right now. Wasted spending and loss of principle beliefs.

My approach to revitalizing Ohio industry starts with America’s greatest export, aerospace. The aerospace industry accounts for $51.2 billion to our trade balance, the largest of any manufacturing sector. Last year the
industry exported $77.5 billion, providing an important boost to our economy. This industry has deep roots in Ohio.

The future holds incredible promise as I have had several high level meetings with key figures in this industry. We just need leadership and innovative thinking on behalf of Ohio in Washington to help as the catalyst. The aerospace industry is truly one from which the state and country can draw inspiration. It creates jobs, bolsters our competitiveness and improves our balance of trade. Aerospace and defense research and development secures our nation’s future and strengthens the industrial base.

Good news indeed and makes Ohio’s future look much brighter.

In closing…
Doing a thirty minute show is very challenging trying to cover everything and it was made even more difficult because I had to leave early. I need to thank Carey for not saying anything that the FCC could of used to banish us off the air. Just kiddin’ Carey, you did a fine job. And as for Rusty Bliss, I respect him as a person and even more so as a father. Here is a person running for office for the correct reason, not because he needs a job but because of his concern for his children’s future. That’s very admirable. And really, isn’t that how our elected officials should be, from our community representing us and because of their concern for America and not because they need a job? Think about it.

Signing off but will be signing on again Thursday, hope you will be joining us.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire August 25Th show click here:

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