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America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

December 29, 2011
 America News and Views news letter   –  FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci were manning the mics on August 18Th as co-host Dale Fellows was up north in Canada and prominent lake county attorney Geoff Weaver could not make it.
While Dale was fishing Bob wasted little time before wading into the murky waters of whats going on locally and nationally, so many issues, so many problems, so much to talk about.
Bob asked Carey what is going on with Euclid you have a problem with them.  Carey said Bill O Reily gave a short description of socialism, its when government takes over commerce and property.  This is in parallel with the horrible housing policies of Euclid.  Socialist policies that make it extremely difficult to sell houses in Euclid.  Realtors have been asking Euclid to please ease up. 
A new proposal being looked at is even worse then the current rules in place.  It has landlords taking classes with the Euclid Police and housing department and EPD maintains contact info.  This is not only big government which we are fighting against, this is HUGE government. 
Euclid is trying to change results without changing the cause that made the result.  Bob understands and says it stems from inept leaders, NO vision.  What needs to be done is repealing of the mandatory house inspections which are unconstitutional and put in place a system that is based on laws being violated.  If a house is deemed unsafe from the outside or repeated calls to the police or housing dept from neighbors, then you have probable cause to enter.   
Bob also made comments on how they have destroyed the real estate market by micromanaging. Its all grinding down, the government has a strangle hold on free enterprise  which ties in with Obama. 
How did Obama get elected?  By anti-American sentiment.  People no longer want to work, they want their entitlements, they want the government to take care of them.  All anti-American thinking. Bob feels that at least 35% of people living in America are anti American.  What this country needs is a strong pro-American leader, someone who makes you feel proud and patriotic.
Carey explained what the straw poll in Iowa showed.  The results showed that its not the economy stupid its the morals.  Three of the top four spots were won by moral Christian Conservative Candidates and the one that doesn’t waiver the most in his message is Rick Santorum.  If you want this country to turn around you need a strong moral person as president.
It was an informative 30 minutes that challenged the voting public to get involved.  It’s up to us to change things.
To listen to the entire August 18Th show click here:
  I don’t bash just to bash, I do it to make a point, I do it to inform and educate, I do it because I love this country.   I still believe America is the beacon of light to the world.  Its up to us to make sure it continually shines.
 Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm on to hear the news the liberal media won’t tell you.  Or catch us online at
                                             Your Friend,
                                             Bob Murphy.

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