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Flag this message America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE Sept. 8th

December 29, 2011

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci were in the studio with co-director Greg Sasse of the newly formed Lake County Ohio Tea Party.

I have been asked, Does this mean Carey you are no longer president of the Lake County Tea Party?

If you have been listening to America News and Views or for those who know me quite well, I am more grassroots. My strong points are writing which I blog frequently on different sites, sending letters and emails which I constantly do, and meeting people that I try my best to inform as many as possible no matter where I may be on important issues and current events.

Also I am more involved on the western end of Lake County and the eastern end of Cuyahoga County, specifically Euclid. What co-director Greg Sasse will do with the newly formed Lake County Ohio Tea Party is expand, hold rallies and meet ups. So it was no problem them stepping in and grabbing the title. But I have already been in discussion with Joe Udovic of the Euclid Tea Party, who does basically what I have been doing, into maybe joining forces and calling it the Lake Tea Party. Since Euclid is obviously by Lake Erie and I live in Lake County I think the name fits perfectly.

Either way I will still be the voice of the Lake County Tea Party and if you have any news, meet up or gathering let me know and I will spread the word and talk about it on air.

There is room for everyone. As long as each group formed sticks to solid Tea Party principles of less government and being on the moral side of issues there should be no problem. We just need to remember we are ALL in this together.

I like to bring up something that I stumbled all over on the show. I brought up the issue of how our government always seems to rebuild roads that don’t need them and then I talked about the Philippines. The Philippines which is suppose to be a third world country gets it. The Senate President Enrile wants to take road tax money and use it in other areas that really need the money. In this article in the Philippine Star he goes on to say good roads are inexplicably made to undergo repair or destroyed all together to make way for new ones. He wants to stop this.

How many times do we see this in the US? Plenty. The reason is it makes it look like your tax dollar is being well spent. We all see the road work being done and we think our dollars are at work. But have you ever gone into the inner city? I shop on occasion on Buckeye and Woodland in Cleveland. Those roads look like bombs were dropped on them. These roads need the repairs. Why isn’t money being used there? Because, call me crazy if you want, but I believe one of the reasons is because those people are going to vote Democratic anyway so why do anything.

That’s why we do not need another Obama stimulus plan. More road projects in areas that are not needed. Money misspent. This is not how you jump start the economy.


The September 8th show was about limiting government, socialism, welfare and the importance of the Tea Party movement. If we are to turn this country around it has to center around this movement AND lets never forget GOD. The Tea Party needs to hold true and steadfast, not waiver, push the Republican Party back to its roots. Whether its a home group, a local meet up group, or part of a larger national group, stay informed and involved.

I am proud to be a part of this historic Tea Party movement, one that will be talked about years and years into the future as a defining moment and movement in American history that restored freedom and our country to its founding principles. God Bless America!

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire September 8Th show click here:

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