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FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Sept. 15th

December 29, 2011

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy and back in the chair… THEE BOSS and co-host Dale Fellows along with Carey Masci were at the mics.

I want to focus on one thing in this news letter dispelling myths and setting the record straight as Bob Murphy did on the September 15th show. People have accused Bob of being against postmen, firemen, policemen and teachers. Emphatically Bob is not against those workers, he is against how those departments are run that they work for. That’s a huge difference.
So as Bob did on the show I would like to set the record straight about Euclid and the Tea Parties.

First Euclid.
Now are you ready for this? I like Euclid! Got it? I honestly do. Euclid has so much to offer that is why I bought houses there. It is a great location with easy access to the freeway, it has stores, a theater, good eateries, its by the lake, has a terrific library, great older homes at exceptional value and the people of the city are friendly. I like Euclid. Then what is my problem? It is how the city is run, its laws and policies.

I have never attacked the mayor and council personally, they could be the nicest people you will ever meet, my beef has to do strictly with policy, specifically housing and mandatory inside inspections. They are killing the city and I will keep on repeating this until the direction changes.

So when someone comes up to me and says so you have a problem with Euclid? Not really, their laws and policies yes, other than that no. People need to understand this. Property rights in the city of Euclid are just about gone. That’s what I am fighting against. If a person maintains his house whether a rental or owner occupied home to the best of his ability and no one is complaining than the city should leave him alone and NO WAY should a warrant be put out for his arrest. There is nothing more to this, no personal grudges, nothing, just – POLICY! But if anyone should have a grudge it should be me after the nonsense Euclid pulled. But I am doing my best to rise above that, I am trying to educate and change things and you can’t do that with bitterness.

So once more, I like Euclid but they need to revisit their socialist policy of one law fits all and in its place go after the problem residents and landlords only.

About the Tea Parties
Just like Bob and I have been falsely accused the Tea Party has also.

The liberal media and Democrats keep repeating that the Tea Party is a dangerous divisive racist movement. This can not be any further from the truth. Every tea party that I have attended the atmosphere is very patriotic and family oriented. In fact they are so safe I encourage every family to attend one, this is history in the making that children can look back on later in life and say I was there.

The crowds at these Tea Parties are well behaved, some dress the part as if this was 1776 all over again, booths set up promoting family values, flags, pro-American signs and the grounds where these events are held are for the most part left free of debris. Sure you will always have a few signs or people acting out of character after all this is America where you can voice your opinion but those are the exception.

The themes of the Tea Parties are about taking our country back to its founding principles, restoring the Constitution, limited government and family values, how dangerous are these stances?

And racist? I have seen an equal number and some times more anti-Pelosi and Reid signs as I have anti-Obama ones. So this has nothing to do with race. What does it have to do with? Policies. BIG government policies whether its mandating health care, bailouts that benefit the few, toying with our military, I could go on as the list is lengthy but none of it has to do with race. The people who believe this are the ones who are divisive.

Carey Masci
Since I started this and Carey added to it I might as well finish it.

I couldn’t agree more with Carey. I don’t have time to needlessly attack people. This is all about saving our country, restoring it to greatness. I want to see everyone prosper but in order for that to happen we need to limit the size of government and restrict its behavior of micro managing people’s lives. Until we do, America will continue to struggle. Our greatness comes through our God given freedom to create and make a better life for ourselves.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire September 15Th show click here:

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