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FURTHERMORE the news letter of America News and Views November 4th

December 30, 2011
America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, National Commentator Mike Gutierrez, our own Rusty Bliss US Senate candidate and Mark Holder took to the air.
I was absent because of an alien virus that struck me. Gosh was I feeling horrible. Not sure if it was the Chinese buffet on Saturday night that caused it or started it, or maybe the burgers I cooked on Sunday that didn’t look the best, or maybe because of the 3 am snack Monday of those left over burgers or maybe all of the above that made me groan like a love sick moose.
It started on Monday morning and by Tuesday I was not well. I felt so uneasy Tuesday because I had a big day planned starting with meeting Bob Murphy for lunch and then heading to the News Herald with him and then work. About 9 am I get a call from Bob moaning into my answering machine “Carey its Bob, we need to cancel I am sicker than a dog”. Ruth from the Philippines said maybe he is your lost twin you didn’t know you had, either that or one of us was having sympathy pains for the other.
So that’s where I was – sick. But I did tune into the show and what Mark Holder said about the global 1% tax is nuts. We have a few years if that to turn this nation around or we are done.
What I like to talk about is Herman Cain and the 11 year old charges against him that have been brought to light. That’s why as much as sometimes we hate the long campaigning and primary process its needed to weed out the weak and to get everything out in the open as in this case. We should find out soon if the three women that pressed charged years ago were an isolated incident or if there is a pattern of misbehavior that continued.
If what transpired between Cain and those women reaches into the present then we have a problem. America went through this before with President Clinton and we didn’t heed the warnings of what he had done and was doing. Clinton’s infidelity and perversion continued right on into his tenure in the White House and is a stain forever on America. And Republicans would be nothing but hypocrites for backing Cain after the way we went after Clinton.
On the other hand if this is nothing but old trumped charges like what they dug up on President W. Bush and his early 1970’s drunk driving charge where there was no pattern set we need to put this behind us now. A 30 year old DWI would be ridiculous to hold against anyone and so would 11 year old sexual harassment charges that could amount to anything.
But the reason I am not backing Cain in the primaries is his back and forth, double talk, I won’t use the dreaded term flip flop yet but its close. America needs someone right now, whether a man or woman, to hold firm to their word. Herman’s explanation of his pro-life stance has everyone puzzled. He is 100% pro-life but he believes the government should not tell a woman what to do, that’s between her and her family. Well Mr. Cain by your definition that means pro-choice.
One more thing, I think its ironic that the Tea Party won’t have the media picking their candidate which is one reason amongst many why we are not flocking to Mitt but they are flocking to Cain who really is a media genius who was a CEO of a major pizza chain and was on the radio with his own show. So either way the Tea Party is still falling prey to – media.
What is sad is that there are three candidates the Tea Party seems to be over looking who don’t have much of a presence, no bells and whistles, no gimmicks but what they do have is either a conservative record or strong conservative pro – American with family values message or all of these combined and they are not getting much traction. Those candidates are Santorum, Bachman and Paul. I think the Tea Party needs to look at these candidates again because they are more in line with our beliefs and what America needs.
Carey Masci

Hi Friends last week was rough physically but I made it through the show and this week invigorated and ready to tackle the liberal media and the socialists once again. I am hoping that everyone votes YES on Issue 2 and 3 so on this weeks show we can celebrate victory at the polls. Ohio needs Issue 2 to pass and Issue 3 that would send a clear message to Obama that he has over reached can not force Americans in to accepting his socialist agenda. Keep the faith friends we can win this fight.  
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire November 4Th show click here:

Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm.
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