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FURTHERMORE the news letter of America News and Views October 13th

December 30, 2011
America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, National Commentator Mike Gutierrez and US Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss. It was a full house in the studio.

A debate has been raging about the direction that America is heading which is not good and whether you can or should legislate morality. I believe that there is a direct connection between the two. Mike Gutierrez briefly touched base on this topic.
Ask yourself this…. Are the problems in America caused from to much morality or to little?
And f you shouldn’t legislate morality what does that do to our justice system? Laws against corruption, stealing, lieing under oath do those become undermined? Where would you draw the line?
Or is it just the issues of what one does or puts into his body? But if you legalize those behaviors such as drug use and prostitution what does it do over all to a society? Doesn’t it weaken it to the point where everyone pays?
One has to really study the Constitution, our founding fathers beliefs and laws to get a grasp on this. In some ways its not clear cut.
In the book “Essentials in American History” written by Albert Bushnell Hart, c. 1905 that I have recently read it lists the reason why people came to America. They came to freely practice their Christian faith, to have religious freedom. Churches were of such importance that they were supported by public taxes. Meetings were opened with prayer. And there was a concern that non-believers, pagans and Mahometans could infiltrate our government. They founders of this country and early settlers had high esteem for God and their faith.
In another book that I am currently read “American Government in 1921 by Magruder” it mentions one of the roles of government – protection to public morals. It says “In many ways the national, state and local governments are seeking to protect public moral” and it goes on to list some of the ways they were doing it back in 1921.
The book also says that the states can make their own laws concerning marriage and divorce because there are no clauses in the Constitution permitting the Federal government to do so.
But did the founding fathers or even the US government back in 1921 have any inkling that same sex marriages would be forced upon our society as it has or that drug usage would be so rampant?
Concerning the issue of legalizing drugs of any kind is it the right thing to do morally? Is it moral to legalize a substance that can cause great harm not only to the individual using it but also to society? Is it morally correct to legalize substances that make people ill fit to live in a free society and ultimately we the people would have to support them either with mental health help, welfare or both, which is what is happening now? And aren’t drugs a matter of national security? In some countries with dictatorships dispensing of drugs is used to control the population from uprising. So what are the benefits?
I have to bring up one more thing from the 1921 book. It says this about the Constitution… “So the Constitution instead of being a dead contract is a living agreement which changes with time and adapts itself to economic and social change. If this is the case, is that time now to do something concerning those issues that I mentioned above?
We have two candidates running for president on the Republican side that have differing views on these issues. Representative Ron Paul who holds firm on Constitutional principles who thinks the Federal Government shouldn’t be involved and Senator Rick Santorum who is a champion for moral causes who thinks the government should.
In a way…. they are both right. Personally though I lean more towards the thinking of Santorum. If we keep chasing God and morals out if this country you get rid of the tolerance that made America great. Ask someone who lives in a Muslim or a Communist country if they enjoy the freedoms we do.
Carey Masci
ps: As I always say if you want to really know history read an old history book.
Well this is what I do know – AMERICA NEEDS A TRUE LEADER!
A leader that understands how this country was founded and one that can unite America. Remember its united we stand or divided we fall and I am worried of how divided we are becoming. We need a leader that can reverse this trend and unite the people once again into one.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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