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FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views October 6th

December 30, 2011

America News and Views news letter –

Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey
Masci and National Commentator Mike Gutierrez were in the
So much to talk about, WOW! I
could go in so many different directions with this news letter about
last weeks show. Thats the thing with a 30 minute show. We only
have enough time to hit the high points of an issue. We give you
just enough information to keep you informed and up to date that

you don’t hear from the main stream media .

In this issue I’ll tackle why America is divided.

This county is splintering. And that’s
whats alarming. If you looked at the election results of the last
ten years or so whether state or nationally the vote is almost always
split now. We are a divided country. But its one thing to be
divided which is bad enough but now we are breaking apart into
smaller groups. And if you look over seas at countries before they
collapsed, the people were so divided they started to fight amongst
themselves each claiming to know the direction. And thats where we
are heading towards and fast because we do not have a leader, we have
a divider.

President Reagan was known as the Great
Communicator. He spawned the do it yourself movement. Many small
businesses flourished under his tenure. They didn’t want to rely on
the government. People felt patriotic. But what do we have today as
president? Baraak Obama – The Great Divider. We have people
boasting I got a Obama phone, people complaining I want my government
program. Everyone is out for himself as long as YOU pay for it.

And instead of trying to push this
country forward, time and time again Obama still blames the previous
8 years under Bush. Did Reagan continually blame Carter? Even if
Bush was to blame when do we move on from this? When do we heal this
wound and unite?

But it doesn’t stop there. Obama is
taking on other issues and making stances that are purely divisive in
nature instead of working for the common good of America. Why?
Because he is paying his dues to the splinter groups of America that
got him elected. Politics at its worse.

We are still a country at war. But
Obama pandered to the homosexual lobbyist and made a spectacle of our
military by pushing for the repeal of DADT. A divisive issue if
there ever was one. Same sex marriages the same thing. First he was
against it and now he is grappling with it. Are these issues that
affect a very small segment of America and divides the nation further
that important while unemployment is above 9% and foreclosures are
still going on at a high rate? Divide – divide – divide!

What about America’s history of being
a Christian nation? President Bush Jr. had events each year in
office for the National Day of Prayer but Obama, he goes over seas
and says we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation. More
divisive talk.

In Wisconsin Governor Walker tried to
do whats best for his state by reigning in unions so he could
balance the budget. What did Obama call Walkers efforts? An assault
on unions. D-i-v-i-d-e!

Obama called people who are involved
with the Tea Party “Tea Baggers” but the thugs on Wall
Street he can understand their frustration.

So its no wonder America is splintering
because Obama is catering to these small special interest groups that
got him elected at the expense of the masses.

And this is very scary because one
thing Obama does know how to do is unite the divided. When he said to
quit whining and put on your marching boots people took him at his
word. And that’s exactly whats going on. Unlike the Tea Party who
have a real purpose of trying to restore this country to its founding
principles. the protesters on Wall Street and else where that are
marching are clueless and angry with no goal other than to bring down
corporations and America. But what did you expect, did you expect
them to be organized and with a plan? Their leader after all is –
The Great Divider.

Here’s a teaser for this weeks show, I
will tell you something that you may not know about the health care

Listen Folks, we need to stay united
and focused. We can not allow ourselves to be lumped in with what is
going on on Wall Street. Some are comparing the protesters to the
Tea Party. The only thing that is comparable is the anger present on
both sides. But the Tea Party anger is much different than the
protesters anger. There is righteous anger that makes you thirst for
noble and just things. Thats what the Tea Party has. But what the
protesters have is mob anger and the only thing that comes out of mob
anger is mob rule, and mob rule leads into tyranny which ultimately
leads right into bondage.

So stay focused friends and make sure
your anger is on the side of justice because we can and will prevail
to restore this nation once again back to greatness.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire October 6Th show click here:

Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm.
Hear the news the liberal media won’t tell you.


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