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Dece. 15th FURTHERMORE the News Letter of America News and Views

January 5, 2012
America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, National Commentator Mike Gutierrez and our guest Private Equity Manager Mark Holder were at the mics.
  Guess who was clicking their pen?  Who is a money maker but not a job creator? 
Make sure you click on the link at the bottom and listen to the show to find the answers to those questions!!
In this letter I want to finish something we started on air, hmm seems like we are always starting something.  It is a discussion about who is the best representative of the Tea Party of all the presidential candidates.
Mike Gutierrez wanted to weigh in on this one.  He is a delegate for Rep. Ron Paul.  Mike writes:
Regardless of how the mainstream media attempts to depict The Tea Party Movement, members and supporters of The Tea Party must have a strong understanding of how the modern Tea Party started and what current Republican Candidate for President deserves dedicated Tea Party support.  The theme of the Boston Tea Party an iconic event in American history, has long been used by anti-tax protesters.  It was part of Tax Day protests held throughout the 1990s and earlier.  More recently, the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party was commemorated on December 16, 2007, by Congressman Ron Paul supporters who held a fund raising event for the 2008 presidential primaries advocating an end to fiat money and the Federal Reserve System, disengaging from foreign entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan, and upholding States Rights by promoting The 10th Amendment Movement.  This was 2007, well before the election of Barack Obama, and well before Rick Santelli lost it as Congress passed Obamacare.  The Tea Party Movement was created and promoted on very specific issues and principles; Taxation, Limited Government, Reduced Government Spending, Sound Currency, Peace, The Constitution, and Individual Liberty.

No other candidate for president best reflects all that the modern Tea Party Movement stands for then Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.  The largest symbol and signature image for the Tea Party is The Gadsden Flag – “Don’t Tread On Me”, and no other man in congress has fought to stop the government from treading on our liberty then Ron Paul.  Dr. Paul is the leading spokesman in Washington for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies based on commodity-backed currency.  He serves on the House Financial Services Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee. On the Financial Services Committee, Rep. Paul serves as the chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology. He continues to advocate a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles.  Based on the fact that The Modern Tea Party Movement is based on protecting and reestablishing Personal Liberty, Financial Liberty, Religious Liberty and Economic Liberty the obvious true Tea Party Candidate for President is Ron Paul. 

I know this may seem a strange way to put forth my argument of whom I believe is the best candidate with Tea Party values but I have to start it off this way – Mike is right. In fact when ever a Ron Paul supporter makes their case I always say, I can’t argue, Federal Reserve – can’t argue, gold standard – can’t argue, Constitution – can’t argue so where do I separate myself from them? – on issues of morality.
Our country is indeed about to go belly up from a spiraling debt but is that the only issue facing America that could cause its demise?  Absolutely not.  Finances come and go but when a country loses its moral compass it is doomed.  A loss of morals can destroy cultures.  A loss of morals and can usher out a belief in God.  A loss of God can lead to the removal of religion and when that happens a vacuum is created.  In this empty space something needs to fill it because people by nature need to believe in something, this is how we were created. So if you remove the truth people will cling to either government to supply all their needs or a false religion and when either one of these scenarios take place both are usually oppressive and brutal in nature.  When ever you remove the true God from the picture just thinking flees, corruption follows, freedom leaves and the people are left in bondage.  Read history about all the fallen empires.
Even concerning abortion, some people think it’s only a moral issue; wrong this is also a financial and security issue. 50 million have been aborted in the US.  50 million people who would be entering the US economy to take care of the elderly, 50 million people who would be paying taxes and into social security, 50 million Americans that would support our culture.  This is just one example out of many of how a moral issue also encompasses finances and poses a national crisis.
The candidate who understands this the most is none other than Rick Santorum.  Besides his well-known stances on social issues he was a member of the Gang of Seven that exposed the Congressional Banking and Congressional Post Office scandals and co-authored the Welfare Reform Bill in ’96.  Aren’t those Tea Party values?
Santorum’s position on taxes is cut the corporate tax rate in half, cut the tax rate to zero for all manufacturers, permanently extend the Bush tax cuts rates for Capital Gains and Dividend Tax rates repeal the Death Tax, repatriate taxable income outside the United States at a rate of 5, reduce the tax code for all by making the system flatter, fairer, and simpler.  Maybe this falls a little short of the Tea Party’s platform but when you couple it with everything else Santorum stands for it’s a solid foundation to restore America to where it once was, a God fearing nation that has fought for justice not only in this country but across the globe. 
Tune in this week and I will give you my predictions for the Iowa primary.
Carey Masci
Hold on a second, you don’t think I am going to allow Mike and Carey to have all the fun.  Being a delegate for Newt Gingrich I have to make my case. Who was the Speaker of the House in the 90’s when the budget was balanced?  Who came out with the Contract with America? Who has the most brilliant ideas?  Who can take command of a situation?  Newt Gingrich, and that’s what we need, a true leader to stand up and debate the rogue we have in the White House now.  There is NO WAY Obama can match up to this guy.  Newt Gingrich is the man that can lead America back to prosperity.
  Your Friend,
   Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire December 15Th show click here:

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