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Dece. 29th FURTHERMORE the News Letter of America News and Views

January 5, 2012
America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE

Host Bob Murphy, Our Boss – Lake County GOP Chairman Dale Fellows, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, and our guest Private Equity Manager Mark Holder were at the mics.

I didn’t do much talking on the show, sometimes its good to just sit back and listen. There was still plenty of good info being passed around so go grab a cup of coffee, click the link at the bottom, sit back and listen but before you do read this weeks news letter.
The buzz has been all about Iowa and the official kick off to the presidential primary. It depends on who you listen to. When their man is doing good, Iowa is important, when he isn’t, what does Iowa know its irrelevant. Iowa is indeed important as the saying goes there are only three tickets out of Iowa. I believe Iowa sets the tone and represents traditional mid-west values before heading east where liberal views are more prevalent.
Rick Santorum had this to say about this years Iowa Caucuses: Rick said There are three primaries out here in Iowa — Ron Paul’s libertarian primary, the establishment primary between Gingrich and Romney, and the conservative primary, which is me and Bachmann and Perry is trying to get into that category
I agree and that’s why weeks ago I predicted the outcome would be as such – 1. Santorum 2. Paul and 3. Perry. Why? Unless Iowa has totally forgotten their Conservative Christian beliefs, forgotten how the courts intervened and allowed same sex marriage which Santorum was right there fighting it and bought into the Mitt millions and push to get him elected Santorum should corral all the Christian Right votes. Paul stands alone and will get all the Libertarian and disgruntled votes and Perry…. I believe he is a cross between Conservative and establishment and should pull all the votes from Newt and Mitt. Out of Iowa Perry is the one to watch. I think he will start to poll better.
I have been saying all along that the road to the White House is through the Conservative Right, you forget them, you ain’t gonna win. I have also been saying and said this on American News and Views its not the economy stupid, its the morals and tried explaining that the phrase Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness comes with an obligation, it does not encompass what ever you want to do or what makes you feel good. Ron Paul forgets this and so did Mitt during a campaign stop in Iowa.
Mitt said: “They said that the Creator had endowed us with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, In this nation, we would be free to pursue happiness as we choose”.
Now lets hear what Santorum has to say: It doesn’t mean the pursuit of what makes one pleased or content, but rather the ability to do good according to God’s laws….. That is what when they talked about the ‘pursuit of happiness. If you go back and read the definition in Webster at the time of the Declaration, or certainly thereafter, what ‘happiness’ was defined as was doing good.
Huh? That’s what I’ve been saying but whats this new definition of the word happiness? When I heard Santorum say this I hit my books but nothing I have in my collection predates 1850. Nothing online either. But while I was at my sisters telling her this she said wait I have a reprint of an old Websters dictionary.
Here it is, one of the meanings of happiness taken from a reprint of the American Dictionary of the English Language – Noah Webster 1828 reads: 2. Being in the enjoyment of agreeable sensations from the possessions of good; enjoying pleasure from the gratification of appetites or desires. The pleasurable sensations derived from the gratification of sensual appetites render a person temporarily happy; but he can only be esteemed really happy and permanently happy, who enjoys peace of mind in the favor of God.
Well that’s sheds new meaning to that often spoken phrase. And really wouldn’t you rather have a leader that recognizes whats right and try’s to at least promote values or would you rather have a president as we do now in Obama that promotes immoral lifestyles or how about a future president that more or less says if it feels good do it?
Besides, think of it this way, if all of America would do what was morally correct or at least try would America be in the shape its in? Of course not. Our nation needs someone to lead us in that moral direction.
Carey Masci
I hope everyone had a memorable and enjoyable holiday. The season is always to short for me. I still thank God everyday that we can celebrate the holidays and worship as we please and politically we still can have open and free dialogues about our leaders and our nation. That’s what makes America so great.
Lets never forget this.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire December 29th show click here:
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