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Nove. 24th FURTHERMORE the News Letter of America News and Views

January 5, 2012
 America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy along with Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, National Commentator Mike Gutierrez, our own US Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss and Josh Guzik President of Pro-Investment.
Since the last half of the show was about Thanksgiving I would like to continue that theme here.
America does have its problem, what a way to start off a Thanksgiving letter – hold on, but overall our country is still richly blessed.
We constantly hear from the media the craziness and stories that bring out the worse in people but seldom do we reflect or hear about the thousands of good people in our society. Think about it.
Sure there were a few random acts of violence and mayhem on black Friday but then think about all of the stores across America that people freely lined up and did their shopping with no incident, able to walk into stores without being checked or patted down, able to purchase what they wanted to.
Think about all the different sporting events where thousands gather, cheer on their favorite team and enjoy themselves with no problems.
Look around your community and look at all the churches of different denominations. We can still freely enter and worship the church of our choosing without fear of being jailed or killed.
Think about all the campaign signs in yards during election season where each individual can display his opinion.
Think about the fact that one can pursue a career of their chose, or location where one wants to live.
These are just a few of the things that sometimes we take for granted without ever stopping to reflect how thankful all of us should be to be able to enjoy these things freely.
This is America and these are things we should all be thankful for.
I would like to quickly add a few personal thank you’s to individuals that have made a difference in my life our added something special to it.
I said this on air but will repeat it, thank you to Mike Gutierrez for encouraging me to go on his radio show. His insistence helped me get over a hump and because of him I have spoke at a Tea Party and now on air regularly.
Chairman Fellows for his leadership and always-timely advice, also for asking me to go on America News and Views.
God for giving me the perseverance not to give up with the battle with Euclid. I still have both houses with the same tenants of many years.
Thankful for my tenants. A landlord couldn’t find better tenants than the ones I have.
My parents. Especially my father who at 84 is still a far better worker than a lot of younger people I know.
The ability to be self employed for many years.
All my online/internet friends. Some of you I never met in person but it doesn’t matter. Your emails of information, encouragement or just simple hello’s are all appreciated.
And all my friends, I have been blessed with a large circle of great friends that I can surround myself in.
Once again I appreciate all of you and thankful,
Carey Masci
Ps: I hate to add anything else after a heartfelt letter such as the one I just wrote but please make sure you listen to the show, US Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss gives some chilling details on Agenda 21, you need to hear it.
To be thankful doesn’t mean to get complacent or lazy. If one is truly thankful then he is willing to fight and stand up for what made him thankful. For to long America took for granted our freedoms and liberty. We must acknowledge our creator who gave us so many blessings and we must be vigilant to protect them. Evil is not going away. And we must never stop defending our God given liberties.
America is a great nation and I am thankful everyday that I live in this country.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire November 24th show click here:

Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm on to hear the news the liberal media won’t tell you.


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