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Iowa and Ron Paul – FURTHERMORE the News Letter of America News and Views

January 9, 2012

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy and Our Boss – Lake County GOP Chairman Dale Fellows were in the booth.
Make sure you listen to the show, they do an excellent job reviewing the Iowa caucus and what it means and they talk about other news you need to hear.

I know everything moves so fast these days and that the Iowa caucus is already old news but doing a once a week news letter like this this was the only chance I had to address it.

Well I was right about the results in Iowa wasn’t I and boy was I wrong wasn’t I?

I was not at all surprised that Santorum did so well. I said weeks prior he would. In fact I would of bet everything I had he was going to take the top prize so it was little consolation he lost by a measly 8 votes.
But I was very shocked Mitt placed as high as he did and Perry and Bachman bombed even though I did say Bachman would drop out immediately after. I figured it this way. I thought people were fed up with the establishment and that would weaken Mitts base with those votes going to Paul. I thought the moderately Conservative crowd would go to Perry which would draw more away from Mitt leaving him at the bottom.

If you break this down and study it this is what it shows. Once again, the masses that are spread out away from the city vote Conservative. Santorum had won more land mass by a HUGE margin. But those huddled in the cities vote more liberal and don’t care as much about social issues. So all it takes is plenty of money to run ads in cities and you can win an election or come pretty close to it. That was Mitts game plan and he did it well.

This next topic may seem that I’m biased towards Santorum, I am after all a delegate to represent him, but I also represent America News and Views and the Republican party so I try my best to be fair writing these news letters. One thing I don’t believe in is President Reagan’s law of not speaking ill of a fellow Republican. I feel if someone strays to far or does not speak the truth or stand up for the principles of the party it should be brought out.

The candidate that is really irking me right now is Ron Paul. He has been relentlessly attacking Santorum on earmarks and calling him a big government Conservative. But if you dig deeper you see that Paul has had his share. In 2009 Rep. Paul had sponsored or co-sponsored 23 earmarks for a total of – $80,775,750 ranking him 33rd out of 435 representatives and in 2010 15 earmarks totaling $17,113,000 ranking him 242nd. (taken from

Worse than that is what Gov. Perry slipped in during the Saturday night debate about Rep. Paul that I don’t think many picked up on. The fact the Paul adds all these earmarks and then votes against the spending bill to make it look like he is against it. So what’s the difference between Paul and Santorum? At least Santorum tells you he fights for his constituents to get money for them.

Continuing on… Paul is really alienating a lot of people with his attacks whether during the debate or his ads. Ron Paul’s army needs to get a hold of their man and reign him in. Santorum has said repeatedly I am not a Libertarian, I am a Conservative. So instead of Paul attacking Santorum on what he is and that is being a successful Conservative Paul should concentrate on promoting his Libertarian differences and why they are better.  This goes for Santorum also that it would be unwise to attack Paul’s Libertarian position on cutting the armed forces, drugs and same sex marriage even though it does align more with Democratic thinking.

Paul has to realize he needs to meet Republicans where they agree and promote his ideas where they don’t.
All this knifing and back and forth will spell doom for the party and we will either be left with Romney or Obama to vote for and whats the difference there?

Finally some traction has been made uncovering something I said months ago that Mitt is a money maker but not not a job creator. The numbers are starting to come out of his past business ventures about adding jobs.
Here is a question for you, I am tired of people being puppets of the media and repeating exactly what they say with no research. So, next time you meet me I want this question answered: Mitt stands the best chance to beat Obama and Mitt knows how to run a business because…. – WHY?  Please tell me.
Carey Masci
It was like old time with just me and Dale in the booth.  We always have had great chimistry between us.  I appreciate Dales knowledge and his ability to quickly converse back and forth.
That’s all folks, hope you join us this Thursday again.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire January 5th show click here:  

Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm on to hear the news the liberal media won’t tell you.


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