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MITT MITT MITT – FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Jan. 19th

January 25, 2012

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, The Chairman Dale Fellows and Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, and joining us by phone was Chris Boggs a specialist in organic search engine optimization.
I think I should start out by explaining the statement/question I made to Chris Boggs. Dale Fellows was not sure if what I said would be mistaken so to remove any doubt I will reword the question.

The question is – Could SOPA lead to the policing of blogs and the removal of anyone from posting if they write against such things as homosexuals and could it even lead to it
being considered a hate crime for doing so? I have personally felt the sting of political correctness and had a submission to a well-known site blocked.

The article I submitted was about DADT. In their exact words they wrote: As a whole, the article would be offensive to homosexuals, and thus it cannot be accepted.

So we can longer voice are opposition to unnatural life styles?

Next topic.
I am so upset with our primary and election process. If something isn’t done soon we will be no better than in some third world countries where they completely manipulate elections in favor of the ruling party or ruler or candidate of their choice.

The constant barrage from the media proclaiming that in the end Romney will win it anyway so everyone else should just bow out and get the primary over with. Has our vote become so meaningless that the media can trumpet the winner before we even voted?

That’s why I am so adamantly set against Mitt. Besides his previous record as a governor and the stances he ran on in his bid for the senate I am tired of them force-feeding us Mitt Mitt Mitt. Its gotten to the point where you turn on the weather and the weatherman says its hot out today wonder if Mitt is sweating. Our founding fathers fought to give us the right to vote and we are seeing it evaporate before our eyes.

Even though I am a delegate for Santorum I think it is a real shame that candidates like Bachman, Perry, even Pawlenty bowed out because of the financial strain and
they lacked resources to battle back against the media. There are still 47 states that have not had a say and yet we are ready to crown a winner.

Some how we have to limit the amount of money that candidates can spend. How this can be accomplished I am not really certain but it has to be addressed other wise its no longer may the best man win but the richest man or the chosen man.

Along with limiting campaign finance maybe its time to have a one or two day primary. The first date would be to whittle down the field and then in 3 months have another that declares the winner this way all states have a say.

I have to throw one more thing out. I know this may hinge on conspiracy but I am very cynical with all that is going on. I along with many others across America stayed up way late to see the outcome of the Iowa Caucus. The tallies were coming and then it stalled at about 97% returns in with Santorum holding a very slim lead. A good half hour passed and then it was reported there was a mistake. They announced the votes that recently went to Santorum are going to be reversed and will go to Romney. And then suddenly they declared Romney the winner. As you know last week the outcome was changed and Santorum was declared the winner.

Again maybe this sounds too much like a conspiracy but to me it seemed like they denied Santorum the victory to give Mitt more of a bounce into New Hampshire and take some steam away from Santorum. Even now you hear some pundits say Iowa was just about a virtual tie but before it was a win for Romney. Makes you think doesn’t it?
Carey Masci
SOPA was defeated. Think about that. Americans can still hold onto their freedom when we unite for a just cause. Stay informed, stay active and help educate those who are being led down the wrong path.

Its up to us to make sure America continues to be a free nation.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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