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2 for 1 FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 9 & 16

February 18, 2012

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
Host Bob Murphy, Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, and our guest Private
Equity Manager Mark Holder were in the booth. The following week Senatorial
Candidate Rusty Bliss and our boss Chairman Fellows joined us for the second
Chairman Fellows was like a little kid on Christmas morning bursting in brimming with news Santorum is taking off like a rocket and our next president will be at the Lake County Lincoln Day dinner!!!!!!

Since I didn’t get a chance last week to write the newsletter I will combine last weeks show with this weeks.

The show on February 9th we talked about how Santorum did very well in the states with caucuses. I love the idea of caucuses but Mark Holder is not too fond of them. He thinks voting is something personal and private and shouldn’t be done in an open forum. Mark has very valid points and he also stressed that people can be intimidated to vote against their choice. Again he has very valid points and maybe he is right but I disagreed for this reason.

In a caucus setting you can hear pro’s and cons. Too many times people vote strictly on sound bites or name recognition because they hear the ads without truly knowing the issue or the candidate. Too prove my point the states Romney won he deluged the airwaves with ads and people voted for him. In caucus states Santorum supporters showed up and revealed the truth behind those ads and the candidate.

Here’s another example how advertising works and why MILLIONS are spent on campaigns. I ran
into a friend and told him I became a delegate for Santorum. He said why, I thought Romney had the
nomination locked up. Here is a person who votes but does not have the time or passion to research the candidates in full and was buying the lie that the GOP choice was already picked.

Next topic.
The perfect storm broke in favor of Santorum. The healthcare fight reared its ugly head at
the right time. People are finally realizing that our government is forcing us to do things against our will and beliefs. This is more than just a healthcare issue. Santorum has been talking about this since day one.

Even if Catholic churches are exempt from performing abortions or providing contraception’s they are still upset as their tax dollars as well as ours who are against this will still be funding the plan. Plain and simple, Obama Care needs to go!

Another thing in favor of Santorum was the unfortunate illness of his daughter Bella. This
showed the passion and character of the man. Rick took time out to be with her during a hectic campaign schedule and the media what did they do? They tried playing it as if Santorum was going home because he was dropping out of the race. People saw right through this and made them even more upset of the cold callous behavior of the media.

Compare Santorums actions doing all he can to save his special needs daughter to that of Obama who while as senator was against giving care to infants who survived abortions. Terrible.

New Strategy
The media is now scrambling to reassess what is happening in the Republican race. They were heralding Romney the winner, the only one who is electable, the only one who could beat Obama. Of course we know why they said this. One of two reasons, Mitt is the establishment pick and or he can’t beat Obama.

But now with the Santorum surge Lawrence O’Donnell had this to say about Mitt that he is the most liberal Republican candidate while Santorum is the most conservative. DUH??? No kidding. He then went on to say this is what he has been waiting for, Obama against Santorum, (OH REALLY) the liberal vs. conservative debate, with Mitt you would only get an empty suit. And as I have said since April, C-O-N-T-R-A-S-T, CONTRAST! That’s what you will get with Santorum winning the GOP nomination contrast compared to Obama.

Bring on the debate, I am excited also.

Something’s to think about
Word has it some factories are returning to the states. In Governor Kasich’s State of the State address he pointed out a few examples of this. Obama is touting that he was responsible. Well something to think about… could it also be the high price of fuel returning these jobs? It may be cheaper to build it here than built it over seas and ship it in.

Look for this mini recovery to sputter. Oil is spiking. Every time the economy picks up a little bit those whom ever they are push the oil up, then when the economy bottoms, oil backs off. This
process keeps being repeated but each time when oil drops it’s a little bit higher than the previous mark. It seems they are determined for us to pay 5 bucks per gallon.

Look for the contraceptive and abortion to stay part of Obama Care. The only way to get rid of those two provisions is to totally get rid of the healthcare bill. Why do I say this? Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or restricting the free exercise thereof. Well in the past when it was for society’s good congress did interfere with religion, not allowing Mormons more than one wife and in the past courts have ruled you can not deny medical attention to children because
of religious beliefs, just two examples. So if the courts decide that contraception and abortion are for the good of society, they will stay in the healthcare bill.

Carey Masci
Things are breaking our way.

Conservatism will win out over evil. I truly believe God is not done with this country but we have to be open to his leading. We as individuals have to do the right thing and never retreat.

And Santorum…. Well he could be the Godly leader this nation has been sorely looking for.
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire February 9th show click here:

To listen to the entire February 16th show click here:

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