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The Greek House meeting review, Udovic – Shannon – Bauman – Lisy – Fiebig

February 27, 2012
The Greek House Review
I want to thank everyone who attended the meeting at the Greek House in Wickliffe this past Monday February 20.  It was an informative meeting with a lot of back and forth with the speakers. 
Joe Udovic opened the meeting with prayer for unity within our group and our country followed by the Pledge of Allegiance that was started by Jimmy Kelly.
The first order of business was introducing Jimmy Kelly Presidential candidate for 2036.   That made everyone chuckle and applaud him.  But I really do feel he has a future either in politics or public speaking, at 14 he is more than knowledgeable on the issues.
The first speaker of the night was Joe Udovic who spoke on a letter he received at his house. It involved the EPA and the wastewater treatment plant.
Euclid is asking residents to pay an additional 10 dollars per month on a quarterly basis for sewer charges. 2 public meetings have been scheduled Sat Feb 25, 10 am and Thu March 1, 7 pm.  We need to get organized with the Republican Party and Tea Party and take a stand immediately. Residents cannot afford any more fees.
Next to speak was Ellie Shannon.  Ellie informed us of the Personhood amendment for Ohio.  She likes the Heartbeat bill but it doesn’t go far enough.  The Personhood amendment would give a fetus the right to life.  She passed out the petition for us to sign it and encouraged other to help gather signatures to get this on our Ohio ballot.
Pastor Melinda Bauman came up next.   I made everyone laugh when I said Pastor Melinda will give a short 5 minute sermon so you better relax we could be here till midnight.  The title of her message was “The God of America”.  It was about the Christian roots and heritage of America.  Pastor Melinda did keep it short because of time constraints so I will have her back to give the full message.  Stay tuned for that I think you would enjoy hearing it.
The main speaker of the night was Ron Lisy who is running for State Central Committeeman.  Ron explained what the position is for.  A State Central Committeeman’s job is to get feedback from fellow Republicans in his district and then go to Columbus to voice those concerns back to the Republican headquarters.  Ron is tired of HUGE amounts of money being spent on beating fellow Republicans when that money can be saved to battle the Democrats in the general election.  He wants to see the party go back to its roots and quit drifting to the left.
  Ron Lisy was a delegate for Mike Huckabee and currently a delegate for Rick Santorum.
Half way through the meeting Dave Fiebig joined us.  I had fun with Dave by introducing him as such…. Our next speaker is Dave Fiebig who is running to be one of Obamas Czars.  Everyone collectively gave a HUHHHHH!!!  I thought it was funny.
Dave Fiebig is campaigning for one of the open spots for Lake County Commissioners.  Dave is a business owner, has served as Willoughby Hills councilman at large since 2008 and is a Lake County Republican Party Precinct Committee member.  He gave a short concise speech of some of the duties commissioner has and some of the needs of Lake County.
In conclusion, it was a successful night, mission accomplished.  Thanks again to those who attended and all the speakers.

                                             Carey Masci


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