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FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Feb. 23

February 29, 2012

America News and Views news letter – FURTHERMORE
There was room in the booth as only Host Bob Murphy and Write In Senatorial Candidate Rusty Bliss were in but that didn’t stop them from filling the airwaves with the truth you need to hear.

Being absent I enjoyed kicking back and listening to the show. Another side of Capt’ Bliss came out, his personality really shined on this show. Great guy.


In this letter I am going to give you random things to think about.

Get ready folks these high gases prices are going to be budget busters for all local governments. There is no way they will be able to balance the books. So look for these things to happen if gas continues its upward climb. Taxes levies, increase in licenses and permits of all sorts AND be careful where you park and how you drive. The revenue (police) will be out in force to help bring in much needed funds. Drive smart and alert.

There is this feel sort of like a feeding frenzy of hungry piranhas. Everyone needs to stop. We have to ask ourselves what are we trying to prove? There are no perfect candidates. Some of the questions I have been fielding about Santorum are things so absurd its ridiculous, such as is he for abortion? That’s crazy! Quit listening to the liberal media and Mitt and Ron’s ads. Do you own research or listen to shows like Bob Murphy’s where you won’t get mislead.

The only candidate I am staunchly against is Mitt. You can go to numerous web sites and listen to him then and now. He has switched positions on so many issues where does he stand??? Mitt would be a disaster going up against Mr. GQ who can have poise and debate well. Not only that but you know darn well it will be brought out front and center Obama’s background is of community service and Romney’s is of Wall Street that caused the problems. Obama understands your plight Romney has no clue, trust me this is coming.

This is what I wrote in May of 2011 it’s a review of the first GOP debate.
Sometimes you need to use common sense with the Constitution as with all laws and life. Technically he (Paul) is right but would legalizing drugs help this country? Would legalizing drugs make crime go down? Would it lower the number of people who need mental health clinics? Receive welfare? This is a national issue, not a state issue. The same with marriage, you cannot allow states to make their own marriage laws. What happens if two people marry and then move into a state that doesn’t recognize it? This is obviously a national issue. Ron needs to tone down his freedom a little. In a free society you have to restrict certain freedoms to ensure that freedom continues. PERIOD!

So the winner is Senator Rick Santorum. If you asked me what one thing I liked about his message or can I quote him, honestly I can’t. But he said a lot of little things right. He is morally to the right, which really comes out strong listening to him. His limited government stance is also a positive. But the biggest thing going for Santorum is his moral beliefs. America needs someone right now that knows right from wrong. I believe Senator Rick Santorum is the man.

For this reason I have somewhat soured towards Ron Paul. His statement of Santorum is a fake in the last debate just struck me as this guy is not prime time ready to represent the US. If anything look into Santorums morals and characters and the fact he is pro-life that is starting to swing the pendulum towards over turning Roe Vs Wade. To say fake Paul does not understand what being a Conservative means and he has not looked into the good Santorum has done to push the dialog and country back to the right. If Paul loses he has no one to blame except himself for taking extreme positions. Plus with all the chaos going on right now, we need someone who is firm and steady in his moral beliefs. America is eroding fast.

We are down to 4 on the GOP side that’s it. The media keeps talking about a possible brokered convention where someone else such as Palin could waltz in and grab the nomination if the delegates cannot agree on a choice. I would be adamantly against such a thing. I chose my candidate Santorum back in April after reviewing the candidates; it took just a week to do so. I figured if you couldn’t make up your mind if you are running for the most important position in the world you are not ready to have my vote. So if someone comes to the convention and says I’M HERE without going through the primary process they ain’t getting my vote – PERIOD.

Finally… Friends we have to be careful here. The goal of any enemy is confusion. Once you confuse the people and divide them they are conquered. So before asking me my opinion on a subject, which I am honored you do so but…, please check the source of where it came first. If it’s from the left side you are not going to get the truth, that should get you started in the right direction.

Carey Masci
Instead of ending this with a comment as I usually do I will give you a peak into Thursday’s show.
We will be talking about what is going on with our children, the Chardon shooting – the Arizona and Michigan primary was does this mean how important was it – Santorums presidential speech even though he came in second – why didn’t Demora defend himself – Obama’s move on the insurance business and the big news Santorum coming to Lake County plus what ever other random topic that may come up.
So please tune in we would love to have you drop in and of course please email your comments to:
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire February 24th show click here:

Please tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm to hear the news the liberal media won’t tell you.


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