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Election Thoughts – FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views Mar. 1

March 22, 2012
Monday, March 5, 2012 7:13 AM
Host Bob Murphy, Co-Host and the Boss Dale Fellows, Write In Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss, and Mark Holder were in the studio and for the second half Jessica Krammer stooped by for a visit.
Bob is always open with his thoughts but in this show he reveals his true desire of who he would like to see as president and its not the candidate he is a delegate for.
Election Thoughts & More
I wrote in the last news letter that I received a robocall from the Mitt camp blasting Santorum for running ads wooing Democrats to vote for him in Michigan.
Well well well… What is all over the internet? Romney was the one who pushed for the open primary in Michigan. So Santorum takes advantage of this by trying to get Democrats to vote for him and Mitt cry’s foul. The way Mitt is running his campaign makes you wonder how he ever became a multimillionaire.
And what about this bit of interesting trivia… In the ’92 primary Mitt Romney voted for Democrat Paul Tsongas.
The thing that is troubling to me is this…. It took YEARS to change the image of the Republican Party from one of being strictly a rich white mans party. Little by little it was being chipped away and then Reagan became president. It was because of him the Conservative Right was born or at least had a major revival. If Mitt grabs the nomination he will undo all the changes that have been made to the GOP and once again it will be known as the party of rich white men and the Conservative Right well…. we will be homeless.
I hope Ron Paul will read this. On Lawrence O’Donnell show he had as a guest a lesbian who was upset that the priest refused her communion at her mothers funeral. O’Donnell and this woman went on and on how bad this was. The church eventually buckled and issued an apology.
This is nothing more than another attack on our religious liberties. This priest was in the right to refuse this woman communion if he felt she was violating the sanctity of it and the church bylaws. That’s why we need a leader NOW who understands that religion is under attack in this country and that it needs to be protected. A Federal Marriage Amendment is needed in this country before any more of our religious heritage and freedom is eroded.
Jay Sekulow has sunken-low. The Chistian Lawyer who heads ACLJ that fights for moral rights and such laws as Obama Care came out and endorsed Mitt Romeny over Santorum because Santorum endorsed Sonia Sotomayor and Arlen Specter.
Help me understand this Folks cause I am mad and confused. I just donated money to Jay’s outfit to help over turn Obama Care but he then endorses a candidate that started this healthcare mess and also supported homosexual rights, same sex marriage and abortion rights over a Christian candidate that endorsed two liberals but stood up for Christian causes and even stopped partial birth abortions.
Is Jay nuts? Which is worse? He is off my list and should be viewed as alien to our Conservative causes.
I been receiving heat for my stance of telling people not to vote in November if Mitt is the nominee. My thinking is this, our goal should not only be to defeat Obama but to replce him with a true conservative moral leader.
Lets just suppose moderate to liberal Mitt wins the presidency and does nothing or screws up voters will be very angry once again and the pendalum will swing back to the left and Republicans will be ousted from the House and Senate as backlash. So its best to concentrate on retaining countrol of the House and win the Senate if Romney gets the nomination and not vote for the presidential slot in November.
George Will has said just about the same thing recently in varying words but has included all the GOP candidates which is where we disagree. Maybe now you will understand what I was saying because I am no longer alone with this thinking.
Also another reason…. We keep talking about changing things but then we go out and vote for the establishments candidate. When are we as voters going to have a spine and say NO you will not dictate the candidate that we vote for. Thats the only way to change things.
No matter how hard they try they can’t get prayers and God out of school. A Chardon student was interviewed immediately after the shooting and the reporter asked him what they could do. The student replied – PRAY FOR US! It’s as simple as that, pray for us.
Maybe in another news letter I can explain what is going on with the youth for that matter adults as well who are snapping and doing extreme things. The more social tinkering, the more the outcome will be bad.
So that’s what liberals think. At a restaurant I asked the waitress if she was going to vote. She said she is not into politics to which I responded well vote for the one who promises cheaper gas because we can’t afford these prices and as a hint, its not Obama. She said actually I went to Washington to protest the pipe line. In politite terms I said why, we cant afford these prices we need that pipe line. She came back at me with well then you will have to do like I do pick up another job so you can afford the gas.
Most people can’t even find one job and she wants me to work two just to pay for gas? Thats liberal thinking.
Carey Masci
I hope you are ready for Tuesday. You need to get out there and vote.
As long as you are informed and vote what your conscience dictates then there is no right or wrong vote. The important thing is – VOTE.
This is your chance to make a difference. No vote is ever wasted. Even in a losing effort your vote represents an oposing view that can open dialoge and change things in the future.
Just vote!
Your Friend,
Bob Murphy
To listen to the entire February 24th show click here:
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