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FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views March 8

March 22, 2012

Host Bob Murphy, Our Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, Former Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss, and Mark Holder.

Bob revealed something on the show that everyone needs to hear. In fact Bob said that this was probably the most important thing he has ever said on the show in the 15 years of doing it. Please listen, it will shed new light on this years Republican primary process.
I know the below commentary may be late because we have already voted in Ohio but I wrote this because of what I keep hearing.

It gets real tiring trying to explain to people that the main objective is not to defeat Obama. It isn’t, plain and simple, it isn’t. We are in the primary season and Obama is not a concern of ours yet. The goal for the Republicans should be to nominate the most qualified, the most conservative and the one who follows the principles of the party. Voting for anyone else who falls short of these points is a wasted vote. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand. People seem to be skipping over the primary process.

YES – I do know how the media and the MITT-nipulation that has been pounded into your psyche that only Mitt can beat Obama can mislead you but still that is no excuse for not doing your homework. Even Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said on a major cable news show when asked why he was for Mitt but now for Santorum said I didn’t think Santorum had a chance to win…… Wonderful!!! Even our attorney general has fallen prey to this thinking of trying to pick a winner instead of voting on principles but at least he has woke up.

I myself when I made my decision back in April that Santorum was my candidate I did so not because he had the best chance of winning I chose Santorum because he has scored above average to very good in ALL categories, he was consistent and adhered the most to conservative philosophy. I wasn’t concerned about beating Obama or if Santorum could win.

Let me put it in sports terms using baseball as an analogy. Santorum reminds me of the player who may never hit 50 home runs but you can always depend on him to come through, a team player, a real leader. When the game is on the line you want him up to bat because somehow he will get on base.

That’s what people need to consider before voting, who is the best candidate and quit worrying about the outcome. I chose Santorum because I believe he is a the true conservative and if he wins the nomination I won’t have to worry about beating Obama in November because the best player will be coming up to bat.

Commentary about what is going on within the Republican Party:
I am a team player only when the team I am on plays by the team rules and bylaws that the team has set forth and are suppose to follow; that’s why I joined or chose to be part of the team because I agreed with their platform.

But when the team I am on drifts from their rules they can not expect me to follow the teams path or go along with them. Sure I could be like some and toss aside the rulebook or I could stay and fight to change the team back to its principles or I can look for another team that has principles that align with my beliefs and that stands firm and steadfast to their party rules.

But this I do know I for sure will not sit back and do nothing. The former team could ostracize me for supporting another team but its their actions that have caused me to drift not my own.

I wrote this in regards to what happens if Mitt gets the nomination. I will be looking into a third party candidate – PERIOD.

I said on air that our elections are turning into a third world circus. Bob disagreed with me but this is what I meant by that statement.

When I was in the Philippines 2 years ago it was during their elections. The newspapers had numerous reports of vote tampering and buying votes. Some candidates were outside of polling places handing out bottles of water and some were giving away $5 if you voted for them. And its widely reported especially in countries with dictators or that are communism that the vote count is played with or so slanted towards the candidate they want to win its almost impossible for the opponent to compete.

Now I am not saying we are there yet in America with this kind of behavior but if we don’t get a handle on it it wont be far off. But then again the way that super pacs are run with countless dollars and all the negative ads and changing primary rules to benefit a candidate maybe its closer than I think.

Carey Masci

Here we are in March with no clear winner regardless of all the money spent on ads declaring a winner in the Republican primary.
I still feel when the American people are given all the facts they will do the right thing and this proves it. The media can only go so far. Ultimately in the end its up to the voter to educate him or herself and we are seeing that happen.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

To listen to the entire March 8th show click here:

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