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April 12 & 19th show FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

April 25, 2012

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Friends I am just so disheartened by what I am seeing going on with our country. How many Tea Parties have organized, how many other events put on to educate about the erosion of our freedoms, how many emails, blogs, news shows, radio shows, magazines and all the other forms of media and yet where are we? Still in the same place, or maybe even a worse place. What is the sense of all of this if we don’t put into play what we have learned? Our supposed Republican candidate for president has been pre-chosen, Agenda 21 is proceeding and Obama Care may be here to stay. How have we allowed this? Where are the Tea Parties?

Last newsletter I included comments from various people I met. I want to do that again but this time I will follow it up with a brief comment. All of these statements are from people I know.

Dave owns a restaurant. He said until people unify and stand up to the government NOTHING will change. Everyone needs to stop paying taxes and bring government to their senses. Until then no president or anyone can change what is going on.

I cannot agree more. YOU are as much of the blame for government taking away your rights as government is. You follow their rules they will keep making them. And until everyone says enough it will continue.

Michelle who runs a small business made this observation. She wants to know what is the Republican Party thinking and what is wrong with the people for voting for Mitt? Mitt couldn’t beat McCain and McCain lost to Obama but now we vote for Mitt the second place finisher in ’08 and think he can now beat Obama. If someone loses in an election they shouldn’t be able to run again.

My comment: In the past we have had candidates that lost, run again and won. The 2 that come to mind are Nixon who lost in 1960 only to run again in ’68 and win. In 1976 Reagan lost to President Ford but won in 1980. But those two examples are far different than with Mitt. With Nixon almost a decade had passed and he faced a different opponent. With Reagan he was facing an incumbent Republican president in ’76 and in ’80 when he won he faced a sitting president that was failing miserably plus Reagan had built on his base from ’76, he had charisma, was a unifier, and Republicans as well as Democrats supported him.

Mitt has none of this going for him, zero! So yes what are the people and the GOP thinking?

A pastor who is a good friend of mine said this after Santorum dropped out when I asked if she would support Paul. Yes, there are only two candidates that I cannot and will not support, Obama and Romney.
That’s what I keep telling everyone, Romney won’t beat Obama, the Christian Conservative base will sit.

I will conclude with this. It seems as if America is trying hard to push God out of our government and it’s coming from both sides, the D’s and the R’s. I understand what the Constitution says but it’s meaning has been completely spun to rid God from our laws and nation to usher in man’s rule.

Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion or restricting the free exercise thereof… God and Christianity is not a religion.


*When you no longer govern by religion you govern by man
When you govern by man with no religion you get communism

That’s where we are at now; we have a choice to be governed by man or God’s laws. We can see what is happening to our nation. I am not judging but witnessing the arrogance of Obama’s ungodly leadership where he trumps all. And we can see what happens when a person has a false religion because he waffles back and forth as Mitt has.

This nation needs to return to its true religious roots or we will never stabilize.
Carey Masci

*OK I know what you are thinking but I use religion in a broad sense not just one particular religion, and religion can be substituted for God and or Christian.

Carey Masci
We do have our work cut out for us. Our presumptive Republican nominee for president Romney is not a favorite of many within the party but our sights should be set on defeating Obama.

And the Democrats they will be trying to ride the slight up tick in the economy to victory in November. Lets not forget when did our economic woes really take hold? In 2006 when the Democrats won big. And when did things start to stabilize? In 2010 when the Republicans were voted back in in large numbers.

We need to educate people on these facts.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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