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Who is the Tea Party FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views April 26

May 1, 2012

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

I received some feedback about my statement in the last newsletter of where are the Tea Parties? One said YOU are the Tea Party. Yes I am and so are you but I am talking about all of us collectively and working together.

For instance what happened in Pa.. Santorum drops out, the pool of conservative, constitution leaning candidates is really down to one – Ron Paul. So who wins? Mitt. Where was the Tea Party?

Another example this goes back a few months but since I am on this topic of where are the Tea Parties. When I was raising awareness of mandatory house inspections and street light fees that were coming out of Euclid people paid little attention to it. Comments ranged from who is Carey, he is always talking about Euclid, and too I am glad I don’t live in that city. This was MONTHS ago and what do we see today, house inspections in Mentor and street light fees coming to Akron. We need to unite and fight these things the minute someone raises awareness.

This reminds me of an Internet site I belong to, the A100 Van club. My 69 GoGo Bus is a Dodge A100, just some additional FYI. I tried telling these people back in 2002 and 3 when I joined that they need to get active and start supporting candidates who are favorable to our hobby. I was told by more than one HEY NO POLITICS THIS IS A FUN SITE FOR OUR VANS ONLY? They didn’t want to heed my warnings.

Well well well…. Slowly but surely it has happened, first the rise in gas prices, the cash for clunkers and the continual onslaught from the EPA. Now I read postings on the site such as this:

Mark & his dad are hanging up their hats. Due to EPA crap, the economy, and
just getting older, they have decided to close shop.
They are going to auction off parts and vehicles based on body style. Right
now they are moving R, M, B, and F-body along with four-wheel drive stuff.
C-body stuff is next followed by A-body. They have one 1968 A100 panel and some parts, but not a lot.

The only problem is not many are knocking down the door to grab these old parts and cars; we are all in the same boat and a boat that has sprung holes.

The EPA has run amok.

I stopped at my favorite burger joint on N. Ridge Rd. in Perry, Ohio the other day. They have been in business for 22 years. When ever I am in the area that’s where I eat.

I go to use the restroom and its locked. I asked if I can use is and the owner said she wasn’t allowed because of some EPA law that had to do with her stand being only a take out with no seats and the water supply. HUH!!??? She said I am sorry but I could be fined heavily.

Jumping back to Santorum.. Maybe in another newsletter I should write more about him. But quickly… since he has dropped out I am all in for Ron Paul. The media and the GOP have proclaimed its over but until Mitt grabs the amount he needs to win the nomination I won’t give in.

Show your support to Paul please. He can beat Obama, the only candidate left who can.

Carey Masci



We must not get complacent with how things are in America. It doesn’t take long for the standard of living in a country to fall. A steady downturn of 10 years is all it takes and we are approaching that. The older generations who have been through good and bad times must instill in the youth the power of dreams and hope.

Dreams and hope are what made this country great but not the kind of hope from Obama who will supply all our needs and chases away our dreams.

Our dreams and hope come from God which strengthens our inner being to strive for goals not only to improve ourselves but also our fellow man.

Your Friend,

Bob Murphy

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