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brokered convention? FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views May 3

May 7, 2012

FURTHERMORE –The new letter of the radio show America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

I have so much to write about hope I can squeeze it all in without writing a book.

*Let’s start with what everyone keeps telling me concerning my reluctance to accept Romney as the nominee.

They say, Carey you are still in primary mode. Yes I am. Has Romney gained enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination yet? No he hasn’t so why shouldn’t I still be in primary mode? California, Texas and 12 other states still need to vote. With all the media sites available and different ways to communicate via the computer why are we giving up? Just suppose Mitt falls a few delegates short we could see a brokered convention where the Conservative and Tea Party groups could have a real say in this. They have forced a candidate on us that is not a darling of many.

It’s going to get very interesting. Gary Johnson wins the Libertarian nomination for president. OH OH. Gary Johnson the former Republican Governor of New Mexico did participate in the early Republican debates this past year but in later ones was not invited or not allowed to attend. Even though Johnson may not have what we call true mainstream Republican ideology he should have been allowed because neither does Romney. The GOP should have forced the issue and let Gary stay in the debates and let the people decide and if he failed he failed on his own. Instead because of this Johnson bailed and joined the Libertarian movement. This could come back to haunt the GOP.

Johnson is fairly well known, the anti-Mitt sentiment is running high and America is tired of politics as usual with people constantly saying both parties are the same. Could Gary Johnson be the third party candidate to upset the apple cart? America may not let this opportunity slip by. Fresh in a lot of people’s minds is Ross Perot whining about the sucking sound of jobs leaving this country because of NAFTA. Where we would be now if we heeded that man’s warning? I am definitely not a Libertarian but Johnson was a Republican governor.

But wait its getting even more interesting with the recent string of delegates from Maine, Nevada and Iowa 66 in total jumped ship and are now going to Ron Paul. If this continues…. the brokered convention happens.

OK but wait another what if scenario. Suppose Ron Paul does pull off the upset over Mitt what will Gary Johnson do? Will he congratulate Paul and pull out? Or does he stay in and run? We could see a Republican/Libertarian and a Libertarian/Republican battling for some of the same voting block, wow!

One thing is clear, Mitt snuck in because of so many Conservatives and Libertarians running. They battled each other while Mitt ran his mega dollars ads and duped the uninformed. So the Conservative, Libertarian and Tea Party movement are actually alive and well and YES I lump them all together but that explanation is for another time.

Next newsletter I will answer the other question I have been asked and the warnings about leaning Libertarian. Stay tuned. I like this, keep the questions coming.

Carey Masci



In a way I would love to see the GOP primary end so we can concentrate on the real problem – Obama and his communist conquest of wanting to take over America.

But on the other hand it is exciting to watch democracy in action. The people have woken up and are taking part in the process. So, just remember this friends once we have chosen the Republican nominee who ever it is, we need to shake hands with each other and concentrate on removing Obama. That’s our number one goal.

Your Friend,

Bob Murphy

Jimmy Kelly the future of the Republican Party was our guest on May 3.

*This is only one view to hear Bob Murphy’s and Chairman Fellows point of view make sure to tune to WELW 1330 AM this Thursday and every Thursday at 5pm.

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