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Tea Party & Philippines FURTHERMORE – America News and Views

June 12, 2012

FURTHERMOREThe new letter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Well I am back at the newsletter and yes I am still talking about the trip to the Philippines, what a trip. More than one person told me I should visit a foreign country too get a different perspective on things. And boy did I. I will get back to the Philippines but first….

I wrote in a few newsletters ago asking where is the Tea Party I was becoming impatient for positive changes to come about. But since that rallying cry it appears the Tea Party is in fact active and changing elections in the right direction.
Just two high profile examples are – Governor Scott Walker able to withstand the recall was fueled in part by the Tea Party and Senator Orin Hatch is facing a run off against a Tea Party candidate Dan Liljenquist. These are just two out of many all across this nation and its just not candidates its issues also.
It is sad though with all this energy that the Tea Party was not able to settle on one candidate for the Republican nomination and because of that it has left us with a nominee not many are happy with. But it was more than just the Tea Party not being able to decide on a candidate it also shows something else. It shows how rooted the GOP establishment is in getting elected the man they want for president. It’s far easier to rally around local issues and candidates but the prize at the top is at a whole other level.
If we expect anytime soon to see a Tea Party presidential candidate its going to take all this energy and effort we currently have times ten because the establishment is not ready to relinquish the top spot.
This weeks question comes from Nancy in Euclid.   She asks what were the things in the Philippines you liked 100 times more than at home?

In some ways the Philippines especially the area I was in reminds me of how America was 75 plus years ago, a wild frontier of sorts. Though I was restricted in walking around alone because of the Muslim threat and kidnappers who hold foreigners and those well off for ransom I experienced a sense of freedom here that has slowly been disappearing in America.

I was told there are police who will ticket you for traffic violations but I saw none and find it hard to believe they actually would. In America we are constantly reminded click it or ticket – you will be stopped if you cars muffler is too loud – you will be pulled over if the cops think your cars has tinted windows are to dark or impedes your vision – you will be ticketed for speeding, rolling stop and on and on it goes.

In the Philippines you need to go somewhere you go. 5 in a car, 10 in a car as long as it rolls just go. Little to no stop signs or stoplights, hardly any speed limit signs and yet how many fender benders or accidents did I witness? Just one when a young man fell of his motorcycle.

But the freedoms don’t only pertain to the auto. Want to start a fire in your yard? Do it, its actually encouraged to fight the mosquito problem. Can you do that in your city in the US?

Looking for a place to eat?  Food stands are all over.  They tell me they get permits to sell maybe they do but would any city you know of in America allow you to cook in your kitchen and then go out in the front yard and sell your baked or cooked goodies? I ate at places that looked like garages and yet I never got sick, so much for needing a fridge.  And a micro, why would you need one? These people know how to cook. Everyday we ate fresh food from the stands or market. In the morning for breakfast Ruth went to the corner and brought me fresh baked bread that was still hot. I am not one to bash corporations as there is a role for them but they have killed the small corner store and market. We are almost left exclusively with packaged foods with all kinds of chemicals to preserve and make them look prettier.

What about the fashion? Well for a third world country the way they dress puts us to shame, women for the most part look like women, skirts, dresses, they had style.  Even at the small variety stores they wear a uniform and are neatly groomed, restaurants same thing. And the way the treat you is first class.

Signs of God are all over. Hotels have bibles and one I stayed at had crosses above the door. Many of the trikes and Jeepneys had sayings about Jesus or Bible verses.

But the one thing that stuck out the most and it wasn’t just because I was their guest. Someone I met on the plane from Sweden who moved to the Philippines also noticed this. They have meals around the table with the family. No TV, real meals and the family sits.

These are just some of the reasons I enjoyed the Philippines so much.
Carey Masci


Hi Friends,
Everything Carey states about America losing her prestige and freedom stems from what? Liberalism, plain and simple liberalism.

Government does have a role but when it steps out of that role and starts dictating or micro managing your life it breeds apathy and people tend to want to give up. Couple that with the removal of God and when a person is down he doesn’t look up he looks to the government for handouts and the cycle deepens while ensnaring more and more.

Wise up people look up and to your inner being, never look to the government for help it will only make you dependent with no hope or outlet.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy


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