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Rep. Young – plus….FURTHERMORE – The news letter of America News and Views

July 10, 2012

FURTHERMOREThe newsletter of America News and Views with Bob Murphy & Chairman Dale Fellows

Two stories about the times we live in.


I remember back in the 80’s when Jesse Jackson was screaming MERGER MANIA, about the only time I ever agreed with him. I understand that in a free marketplace such as what the US has, that this is part of the nature of doing business. And I am not one to wage class-warfare or scream that corporations are evil but really there needs to be a balance, something needs to be done.

Here is a classic example of a big fish gobbling up a bunch of minnows.

The jewelry store.

My friend Jeff and I were in N. Olmsted and stopped at the Great Northern Mall. While there we went to a well-known jewelry store. We looked at rings and the saleslady gave us the pitch why to buy from them. She said “I will give you a little bit of inside news… the other jewelry stores in the mall, all except one, belong to the same company but we have the best selection and prices.” Huh? Yes they all belong to the same company but we can give you the best price so it’s best to shop from us.

Maybe some of you knew this already but it took me by surprised. The popular jewelry stores that we hear the jingles on radio and see on TV all belong to the same corporation. Where is the choice for the consumer? Plus this not only hurts the consumer but job market with fewer opportunities but the overall economy as well. Instead of 4 different jewelry stores in this mall there are actually only 2. And instead of 4 owners, 4 different suppliers, 4 different cleaning service, 4 different accountants etc… there are now only 2 of each and I am sure the corporate jewelry store probably pays its employees far less.

These mergers and buyouts are only short-term gains good for the stock market but over all for America it’s a losing proposition. Somehow merger mania and the buyouts have to stop.

The below story is about outsourcing jobs and inflation


The Radiator Shop.

I went to a well-known radiator repair shop in Wickliffe. I didn’t get permission to use the owners name so I won’t mention it. This shop has been in business years and to me it’s the only game in town for quality service and repair work. I have taken all my radiators to him for years.

I asked how much to flush out the radiator in my GoGo Bus, he gave me the price and asked how’s things? I was in a hurry but I could see he wanted to talk. So I leaned against the counter and he grabbed a chair in the waiting area. I’m really glad I decided to kick back for a few and listen.

He told me how hard hit his business and how the costs to operate it are sky rocketing.  Tin is up 185%, one pound of lead solder use to be about $3 but now it’s over $9 and copper and brass, all he said was ITS UNBELIEVABLE!  All of these prices have jumped within a short amount of time.

We talked briefly how the program Cash for Clunkers hurt many businesses.  Besides repair shops, such as mechanical and body repair it has hurt the used car salesman.

We swapped stories how hard things are.  His radiator repair business is in even a tougher spot.  Most radiators are now made of plastic and it’s cheaper to buy a new one than it is to repair. It all stems from greed.

He told me back in about 1990 a major supplier located in Pittsburgh was looking for a cheaper source for radiators.  Back then a radiator for the K cars was $119.00.  This company found a Chinese supplier for radiators.  The owner of the repair shop asked me do you know how much that radiator cost and this included delivery to his door?  I replied maybe $60?  He said NOPE – 9 BUCKS!  If that wasn’t bad enough then came NAFTA and that was thee end.  We just cannot compete with cheap foreign labor.

Friends who is to blame for all of this?  EVERYONE!  Politicians for selling us out with horrific laws and policies, Unions for demanding too much and yes YOU the consumer for buying foreign cars and flocking to every sale and Wal-Mart there is just to save 50 cents without adding in the actually cost of the job it took.  Sad but true.

Carey Masci

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